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Oh no, another STEM blog, I hear you say. This acronym “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) is an increasingly used term in the education world. However, STEM isn’t just a ‘thing’ for the school classroom or an after school club, it has become increasingly important to everyone, including community groups, youth groups and also more fundamentally to employers, as we evolve into a more creative, digital world; a technology and innovation dependent world and a drive to support future growth of the economy.

Businesses- the Problem or the Solution!!!!

STEM is important because our world relies on it. No one ever says, that other subjects do not have importance, in the lives of young people (ie well balanced curriculum) and adults, but the economy, our general well-being, is all entwined by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.


How long has your business offered apprenticeships? 

For the last 8 years, we’ve offered a number of various apprenticeship schemes at TR, one of which involves apprentices moving around our different departments to increase their knowledge and understanding of what a global company like TR does. From warehouse to quality, sales, admin, marketing and HR to credit control, purchasing and IT, apprentices are exposed to all aspects of our business and operations. This helps each individual to learn about TR and also to establish where their skills and interests lie in terms of furthering their career with us. We also provide apprenticeships in different functions; our Finance, Warehousing, Sales, HR and Marketing departments all run dedicated schemes within TR.

We are steadily increasing our apprenticeship offerings and we take on a growing number of apprentices every year. Typically an apprenticeship will be the first two years of an individual’s career within TR before they specialise in a function.


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