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How long has your business offered apprenticeships? 

For the last 8 years, we’ve offered a number of various apprenticeship schemes at TR, one of which involves apprentices moving around our different departments to increase their knowledge and understanding of what a global company like TR does. From warehouse to quality, sales, admin, marketing and HR to credit control, purchasing and IT, apprentices are exposed to all aspects of our business and operations. This helps each individual to learn about TR and also to establish where their skills and interests lie in terms of furthering their career with us. We also provide apprenticeships in different functions; our Finance, Warehousing, Sales, HR and Marketing departments all run dedicated schemes within TR.

We are steadily increasing our apprenticeship offerings and we take on a growing number of apprentices every year. Typically an apprenticeship will be the first two years of an individual’s career within TR before they specialise in a function.

Why does your business invest in apprentices? What are the advantages?

We relish the opportunity of welcoming apprentices into the fold because not only does the experience help them, it helps us too! Having someone learn about the business on the job either by moving through departments and undertaking specialist training or within a specific function means that when their apprenticeship is complete, their knowledge and variety of experience is second to none. Having those people in our team is extremely beneficial as they grow to know the business and how we work. 

What’s the future for your business and apprenticeships? 

We will continue to take on apprentices across the TR network because we see the value in their contribution to the company and we are also dedicated to identifying and nurturing future talent. The schemes are a great way of supporting people to discover what path they want to take whilst also building up a solid knowledge of the company and the industry. Our business continues to grow globally and part of this success is due to our commitment to finding and developing organic talent. The apprenticeship schemes are just one of the ways that we do this and who knows, some of our apprentices may one day be the future leaders of the business!

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