September 2017

20 years ago, handling your cybersecurity was a simple task: you were dealing with an individual attacker with no access to email or the internet, often just attacking for fun rather than to earn a profit. These days cybercriminals earn a living from attacking businesses and CEOs, and often work in large organisations with access to almost unlimited resources to aide in breaching your defences. Not only that, but we give them so many more avenues to attack than we used to; they can send attacks via email, use our social media for information gathering, and target their attacks with all the personal data we put online. Businesses lost over a billion pounds last year to cybercrime, and cybercriminals cost the global economy another 400 billion in damage and lost productivity. It’s plain to see we need to protect ourselves from these attacks.

Every company has vulnerabilities – it’s unavoidable these days. But with some education and preparation, there’s no need to panic or fear. There’s no guarantee with cybersecurity, but if you are smart with your solutions you can minimise risk. You need to look at your security in layers; no individual solutions can protect you against all the threats you’ll face. Let’s take a look at some of those threats now:


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