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After a hugely successful day of digital at the Mid Sussex Open 4 Business event it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a list of tips from the speakers’ that you’ll be eager to start implementing today.

  1. Condensing your Social Media presence

Speaker Kerry Watkins from Social Brighton advised that it’s better to use one or two social media channels really well than all of them badly. As each channel requires different content, frequency and tone, it’s best practice to get familiar with and grow one channel at a time.

  1. Using your data to increase personalisation

When talking about Email Marketing, Komal Helyer from Pure360 suggested a new era of personalisation is upon us. Although customers don’t want to be stalked by emails, businesses should find a way to use their data to predict future behaviours for intelligent and effective personalisation.

  1. Targeted content

Forget keywords! Jon Norris from RocketMill advised that Google is punishing organic results – it’s all about getting the right content in front of the right people to increase audience targeting and engagement.

  1. Taking direction from your analytics

Rhys Jackson, head of Data & Insight at RocketMill said,Spending time and resources on collecting digital analytics without using them is like winning the lottery and never cashing your ticket.”

  1. Welcoming personal technology in the workplace

Steve Hannon of Google Partner, Cloud Technology Solutions, shared some insight into the way employees want to work with technology; 53% of workers are now using personal devices and apps in the work place.

  1. Back to basics SEO

Director of digitalDavidson, Nathan Davidson advised businesses to set objectives and find a competitive edge when planning SEO campaigns.

  1. Increasing efficiency with automation

When speaking about Cloud Accounting, Tom Bowen of Partner Hilton Sharp & Clarke suggested using the cloud to increase efficiency by automating invoices and digitally tracking expenses.

From email tracking to engagement metrics and page views, after O4B16 it’s clear that collecting and using your data more efficiently is going to be key to digital strategy.

Full videos of the talks will be available online soon.


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