October 2016

Nathan-Davidson-SEO-presentationLast Tuesday saw a range of companies from all over Mid Sussex join together at a local exhibition to discover ways in which going digital can re-energise their business and productivity.

‘Digital and You’ was an exciting event provided by the Open 4 Business initiative of Mid Sussex District Council and sponsored by the University of Sussex. It aimed to empower companies in the region, from start-ups to corporates, in keys areas of digital technology and “arm them with a powerful toolkit of effective ideas.” This piece will summarise the key speakers from the event, the four main digital game changers in business and three key strategies to use digital means in marketing.


After a hugely successful day of digital at the Mid Sussex Open 4 Business event it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a list of tips from the speakers’ that you’ll be eager to start implementing today.



Digital and You is a presentation-led event hosted by Mid Sussex District Council. The exciting event will give local businesses actionable ideas, practical advice and the inspiration needed to kick-start their digital marketing activities. We’ve picked 5 topics of interest to watch out for at the event.


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